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Bliss Go Pack

Bliss Go Pack


  • $ 129.99

The Bliss Go Pack is made specifically for women to burn fat! It is formulated to burn fat in the areas that we need it most...belly fat, butt, thighs, and hips. It eliminates cravings at the source, balances hormone levels (for those few irritating days a month), will burn body fat, and even gives you a boost of energy (for the hectic, pull-your-hair-out days). Finally, women have a tool to combat all the stressors we have in everyday life! The Bliss Go Pack delivers results by effective pairing three powerful fat loss products that work in synergy with one another to not only elevate your metabolism and energy levels, reduce unhealthy cortisol levels, and help you burn belly fat but also addresses fat loss at its root by naturally optimizing your thyroid.

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