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Power BCAA's

Power BCAA's

Muscle Fortress

  • $ 39.99

Experience Muscle Fortress's first product that provides an efficacious dose of BCAA Nitrates and Power Grape. Many other companies 'pixie dust' their products with ineffective amounts of these to block buster ingredients! We don't hold back! Muscle Fortress brings you their best and most effective products. Let's check out what your getting with Power BCAA's! BCAA Nitrates provide for greater BCAA stability and transport across intestinal and skeletal muscle cell membranes and have been suggested to support improved intestinal absorption.* One of the premier advantages of BCAA Nitrates is rapid vasodilation (muscle pumps) support.* BCAA Nitrates may help promote increased blood flow and enhance the distribution of nutrients to your muscles.* Power Grape works to help your body deal with oxidative stress and supports your body in the same way a good quality oil protects your car's engine.* In our bodies, the oxidizer is oxygen, the fuel is glucose and their breakdown can result in oxidative stress. With its strong antioxidant properties, its capacity to improve the oxygenation of cells and its supportive effect on the muscles, Power Grape promotes energy production and aids in recovery.*

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